The Annual OPCW-The Hague Award

A Lasting Legacy

Presentation of the 2013 OPCW-The Hague Award

In 2014, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) established the OPCW–The Hague Award to recognise and honour individuals and institutions that have made an outstanding contribution towards the goal of a world permanently free of chemical weapons; such contributions include promoting the peaceful uses of chemistry and preventing its misuse. The Award is a tribute reflecting the honour bestowed upon the OPCW for winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 2013 and is supported by a generous financial contribution from the City of The Hague.

The OPCW-The Hague Award Fund was created using the nearly €900,000 monetary prize accompanying the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the OPCW.

The fund is supplemented by contributions from the City of The Hague. The OPCW–The Hague Awards are made available with a maximum annual monetary prize of €90,000. The Award is accompanied by a certificate and a commemorative medal featuring both the OPCW and the coat of arms of the City of The Hague.

The OPCW-The Hague Award Medal

Past Winners

Presentation of the winners of the 2013 OPCW–The Hague Award

The distinguished roster of past winners includes experts in analytical chemistry techniques, medical toxicology, the ethical use of chemistry, and the legal frameworks governing the elimination of all chemical weapons.

These remarkable past winners share an uncommon dedication to working with others to eliminate chemical weapons and advance the peaceful use of chemistry.

Dr Mahdi Balali-Mood

Dr Mahdi Balali-Mood

Dr Mahdi Balali-Mood is an eminent expert in the field of medical toxicology. He has dedicated his career to caring and advocating for the victims of chemical weapons.
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Dr. Alastair Hay

Dr Alastair Hay

Dr Alastair Hay is a leading expert in the field of occupational health and toxicology. He has used his extensive knowledge of the toxic properties of chemical warfare agents to support the work of the OPCW.

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Dr Robert Mathews accepts the 2014 OPCW-The Hague Award

Dr Robert Mathews

Dr Mathews has made significant contributions throughout his career to the development, establishment, implementation and promotion of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), as well as advancing the mission of the OPCW from its inception.
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Dr Paula Vanninen, Director of VERIFIN


VERIFIN was established in 1994 as the continuation of a chemical weapons research project started in 1973 and has significantly contributed to chemical disarmament through the development of tools for the verification of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) based on analytical chemistry techniques.
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2015 Awards Presentation

Watch the 2015 OPCW–The Hague Awards Presentation Ceremony

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